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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Play My Podcast and Answer That Call

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi

LAS VEGAS—For the past several years, smart speakers and voice-activated assistants have dominated the smart home conversation at CES. This year is no exception, however, those assistants are no longer confined to speakers. Everyday household items, from toilets to mirrors, are getting the Alexa or Google Assistant treatment, for better or worse.

CES 2019 Bug ArtThis trend has been primarily limited to high-ticket items, but there are a few interesting and affordable examples that will hit the market in the coming months. Simplehuman, for example, a brand that prides itself on creating tools for efficient living, announced two new mirrors at CES; Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist with Googe Assistant.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi

Like their predecessors, the new Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and Hi-Fi Assist use a built-in proximity sensor to turn on a proprietary illumination system called tru-lux. Put simply, tru-lux simulates natural sunlight with extraordinary color accuracy, allowing you to see variations in makeup that may otherwise go unnoticed.

The Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist also have lighting options that transform them into a makeshift lamps, like nightlight and candlelight modes. A new feature called night shift that claims to promote better sleep.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi

Of course, excellent illumination is only part of the story. There’s also a custom Danish-designed 2.5-inch acoustic driver built into the base of each mirror for sound that can easily fill a room. And the built-in proximity sensor works in conjunction with the speaker to adjust the volume depending on how close you are to the mirror, meaning you’ll no longer have to adjust the volume as you move between rooms during your morning routine.